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Cleaning service




Resin bound surfaces are low maintenance but in order for them to last longer and still look fantastic, there are some  measures you will need to take at home to keep the surface performing well and looking prime condition. An aftercare and maintenance plan is provided to all customers. But what happens if you dont have the time? Then why not use our cleaning service? 

We believe that each cleaning project is as unique as the surface that was laid. Our trained team members have an extensive knowledge of the product and will take every care throughout the cleaning procedure. 


The cleaning process involves water lancing the area in one direction to loosen any debris, then going over the surface with a Rotor Cleanse unit to clean and suck up the dirt and finishing off with a ‘wet vax’ to ensure that any remaining dirty water was removed. This is just one of many cleaning methods available for paving and hard landscaped areas.


To find out more about our cleaning service for your Resin bound surface please contact via email, telephone or social media. 


Thank you 

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