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Our Range of Porcelain Paving: Shop now 


Affordable Italian pavers with no compromise on quality

Italian porcelain pavers are renowned for their high quality. Produced through specialist, industry-leading manufacturing processes, Italian vitrified paving is available in an enormous range of colours and textures and is known for its durability and low-maintenance requirements, retaining its good looks for years to come. Our Budget Italian Porcelain brings you that same quality but at prices that make this modern, stylish paving option much more accessible. This is possible through streamlining the range, selecting colours and textures that are amongst the most sought after on the market. Each of the porcelain pavers has a natural stone character, with a natural texture and markings that add interest to the surface finish. This gives your garden design character at an affordable price. Meanwhile, the ten-year guarantee that is attached to all our porcelain brings peace of mind that you’ve chosen vitrified paving that possesses the same high quality of our Luxury and Premium Italian porcelain ranges.

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